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    September 21, 2008 /  Ubuntu

    Now this looks nice & is a great UI.

    This is Ubuntu Hardy Heron, running AWN (Avant Window Navigator), and stalonetray (you can see stalonetray at the bottom right of the screen), with all gnome-panels removed. Interface is great, lots of screen real estate & easy navigation). Here’s how to do it: IMPORTANT:Read all of the instructions below before starting so that you understand what needs to be done.

    • Follow this excellent softpedia tutorial to install AWN, with the following extra considerations (which is why you need to read all this through before you do it!):
      • Follow the softpedia tutorial BUT BEFORE removing the gnome panels do the following:
      • Follow the instructions found later in this post to install stalonetray, this is because the Notification Applet for AWN is very ugly & you really don’t want it.
      • Follow the instructions later in this post to add the Trash Can icon to your desktop, this is because the AWN Trash Can Applet is broken in Hardy.
      • Follow the instructions in the softpedia tutorial to remove the bottom gnome panel only. DO NOT REMOVE THE TOP GNOME PANEL YET!
      • Start AWN & drag any application shortcuts you want onto the AWN toolbar. You can set them up later through the launcher section of awn-manager, but this is easier & will save you time & hassle (finding the right icons etc.). I dragged shortcuts for Firefox, Thunderbird & Text Editor.
    • You can now follow the instructions in the softpedia tutorial to remove the top gnome panel.
    • Now configure AWN using awn-manager (right-click on the AWN toolbar & select Dock Preferences), my settings are as follows:

    • Next add the following applets still using awn-manager:
      • DesktopManager
      • Awn Main Menu
      • Awn Terminal Applet
      • File Browser Launcher
      • Stacks Plugger
      • Volume Control
      • Weather Applet
      • Battery Applet
      • Cairo Clock
      • Quit-Log Out Applet

      Now you can drag them into the order you want in awn-manager (my order shown is below – notice there is a Launcher/TaskManager applet – this seems to be automatically added by AWN, if this applet is here, DO NOT remove it – you can drag applets to the left of it to make sure they appear on the far left of the toolbar).

    • If you have now done everything, close all applications, then log out & log back in again & it should all be working.

    Installing stalonetray

    • Install stalonetray using Synaptic Package Manager
    • Download stalonetray.txt and save (right-click save as) in your home directory as .stalonetrayrc  – this will set stalonetray up as you can see it in my screenshots. You can reconfigure it – run man stalonetray for configuration options.
    • Now go to preferences/sessions and add stalonetray to StartupPrograms:
    • IMPORTANT: Gnome can only handle one notification area on the desktop, so to see stalonetray working, you need to remove the notification area applet from the top gnome panel.
    • You can run stalonetray from a terminal & see it, or wait until you have finished everything & logged out & back in again to see everything working together.

    Add TrashCan icon to your desktop

    • Open a terminal & type gconf-editor (do not run this under sudo, as then you will edit root’s desktop, not your own).
    • Navigate to apps/nautilus/desktop & tick trash_icon_visible.

    OK that’s it done. Configure away to your hearts content & enjoy 🙂 Now if you screw up, or you hate it all, here’s how to set Gnome back to how it was when you first installed Hardy (then uninstall awn & awn-extras if you want to):

    • Remove the following hidden folders/files in your home directory:
      • .gconf
      • .gconfd
      • .gnome
      • .gnome2
      • .config/menus/applications.menu (only this file – not the whole directory structure).
    • Log out & back in again & the original installed desktop should have returned.

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