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    August 31, 2009 /  Ubuntu

    An update to my previous instructions for Awn on Hardy. It looks just as good on Jaunty & is in some ways easier to setup, but there are a few differences.

    1. You can now install it all from Synaptic (unless you really need/want the latest).
    2. You no longer need stalonetray as there is now a good notification area (systray) applet – although you wont be able to enable this until you have either removed the top gnome-panel or removed all systray items from the panel.
    3. The recycle bin applet also works properly now!
    4. I couldn’t seem to drag icons from my gnome-panel bar onto the awn doc. However right clicking a menu item in the awn dock now has an ‘add to bar’ item 🙂
    5. The Awn Log Out applet does not give you the option to log out, only shutdown, hibernate etc. This is due to the (annoying) way that Jaunty separates the shutdown and log out menus. The solution is to create  a launcher in ‘dock preferences’ call it Log Out, choose an icon and then use the command ‘gnome-session-save –kill’ (without the quotes)
    6. Next problem is how to remove the top gnome-panel. The Sessions Manager is greatly changed in Jaunty and you can’t now remove the panel from here. Here’s how to do it:
      1. In a terminal type gconf-editor
      2. Navigate to desktop/gnome/session
      3. Right-click on required_components_list
      4. remove the panel!
      5. Log out and back in again and your panel is gone 🙂

    Posted by Paul @ 11:41 am

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