• Culture Shock Reunion – Some Facts

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    March 14, 2013 /  Music

    Culture Shock formed in the early 1980s, Nigel & I had been jamming together for a while & were later joined by Dick & then Bill thus Culture Shock was born.

    All of the culture Shock songs apart from 3 or 4 were co-written by me. So when I find out that Culture Shock have reformed & see this statement on Citizen Fish’s Facebook page ‘Dick Jasper and Bill from the original lineup’ I am deeply offended. With no disrespect to Jasper, he was never part of the original lineup, so this is not only fucking offensive to me, it is also a lie. Quoting Jonny Rotten ‘Ever fell like you’ve been cheated?’, because you & I are being cheated.

    So Culture Shock have reformed & been secretly rehearsing for several weeks. During that time no one had the basic decency to let me know. So I feel pretty hurt & angry. Would I have taken part in a Culture Shock reunion? Possibly, but I was never asked.

    The whole way that this has taken place seems pretty cowardly & underhand. As you grow older you learn something from all of these life events & I feel I’ve learned something really important here. I have been really touched by all of the messages of support from good friends; and it makes me laugh that most of them have had a similar response “What a bunch of c*nts!”

    Please share this if you think it matters.

    Love & Peace – Paul Basss – from the original lineup 😉

    If you don’t like it, say you don’t like it.