• November 30, 2008 /  Music

    Another from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at The Troxy November 2008, absolutely awesome – one of my favourite tracks.

  • November 30, 2008 /  Music

    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at The Troxy in London last night. It was an awesome gig as usual 😉

  • November 23, 2008 /  Technical Help, Ubuntu

    Well just learned an Ubuntu lesson the hard way :-)

    My daughter had left a session logged on, with some annoying background music repeating. I thought I’d figure out how to log her out via the command line while I was logged on. Always used Process Explorer to do this in Windows, doesn’t seem to be a Linux equivalent (not that I’ve looked that hard). Anyway did a few searches & found this little beauty ‘sudo pkill -KILL -u username‘. I assume it logged her off, unfortunately I couldn’t tell, as I lost any ability to interact with the OS. No mouse or keyboard functioning :-) I can only assume that it killed all of the processes associated with her login, including the mouse & keyboard drivers for my laptop! The only way out was a hard reboot. So let this be a warning beware of ‘sudo pkill -KILL -u username

  • November 13, 2008 /  Uncategorized

    Well it’s now been my Birthday for 11 minutes – Happy Birthday to me :-)